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Temperament Analysis Profile

A Temperament Analysis Profile is similar to, but NOT personality testing! We believe that personality is formed as a result of how we were parented, the environment in which we grew up and circumstances that may have occurred throughout our growing up years. A persons temperament is who they really are underneath all that. Thatís what really counts! Who you are determines what choices you make in life; friends, spouse, career, children and even how you parent those children.

Many people take a personality test hoping to find out who they are and understand themselves a little better. Many are disappointed when they find themselves being placed in a single category that does not always match the way they really are. Thatís where Temperament Analysis differs from traditional personality testing. We recognize that each person is unique. Each one has different tendencies socially, in decision making skills, and intimately. Using a system developed by Dr.Ďs Phyllis and Richard Arno, we evaluate each of those three areas giving you a thorough and in depth look at your personal, unique temperament.

Who is a Temperament Analysis Profile for?

* Some of you are strictly curious, this is for you!

* Some of you are seeking professional help, this is for you and your counselor or your clergy

* Some of  you are unhappy in family relationships or just struggling to understand them - dating, marriage, sibling rivalry, parenting,  this is for you.

* Some of  you are having trouble understanding your teenager, this is for you.

* Some of  you are searching to find out what your childís true gifts and talents are to help you parent/guide them appropriately, this is for you.

* Some of  you are wondering if you and your future spouse are really a match, this is for you! 

* Are you an Employment Agency or Personnel Department trying to find the right person for the job or cut down on a high turnover rate in your company, this is for you.

* Are you a Foster Care Agency looking to find the proper match for the children in your care, this is for you.

* Are you a mother or an Adoption Agency looking for the right family to adopt, this is for you.

Why would I be interested in Temperament Analysis?

The whole concept of temperament analysis rests on discovering who we truly are rather than on who we have become. Most of us have a mask on, our personality, according to who we've learned to be, who we feel we are expected to be, and/or who we are forced to be from our family of origin and/or our peers. We can all acknowledge that very often our behavior and our language is a facade or a way of protection. As we grow and live, most of us experience feelings of hurt, disappointment, fear, rejection, loneliness, grief, guilt, and/or shame. These feelings are not pleasant and may cause us to project an image that is not necessarily true to who we really are. We think we need to protect ourselves using  outbursts of anger, verbal abuse, manipulation, control or withdrawal. Usually we don't like ourselves much at these times, causing internal and external conflict. Building these walls in our lives leads to feelings of isolation, loneliness and a lack of true intimacy in all our relationships. This is when we begin seeking understanding, wisdom or insight. Whether you may feel there is nothing wrong or a lot wrong in your life, a temperament analysis can only be beneficial. Only change brings growth, and change cannot occur without a point of truth. Once you learn the truth about yourself, you can validate yourself, and give yourself permission to be who you truly are. There is freedom in discovering this truth. You can finally feel strong and confident enough to take off the mask allowing the internal struggles to diminish with the external ones following closely behind.

Our hope for you is that you will be enriched and 
enlightened as you endeavor to be the best you can be.

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